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Referral Rewards Terms & Conditions

Updated July 23, 2020

1. Program Overview

Referral Rewards is a FantasyDraft program that incentivizes players to refer new players to the site (known as Referrals). FantasyDraft reserves the right to make changes to, or terminate, this program at any time.

2. Eligibility, Qualification, and Additional Rules

a. All registered players are eligible for the Referral Rewards, except in cases where an account has been suspended from FantasyDraft or from participation in the rewards program.

b. Determination of Qualied Referrals, and the resulting awards, will occur once per week. All referrals are subject to review. User account, deposit, and location information may be used to determine elibigility. Self-referrals, referrals of immediate family, and referrals of members of the same household are not eligible for awards.

c. All referrals are attributed to the referrer used at the point of registration.

d. FantasyDraft reserves the right to disqualify referrals and/or to suspend any user's participation in Referral Rewards if a user is found to have violated the terms of the program.

e. Rewards and qualifications are subject to change.

3. Terms which apply to new referrals who sign up on or after July 23, 2020

a. FantasyDraft users who refer a Qualifed Referral will receive $20 FantasyCash (FC) for play in contests.

b. Additionally, the Referred User will receive $20 FC when they become a Qualified Referral as well.

c. FC is site currency that can be used to enter site contests, but cannot be withdrawn. FC expires 120 days after issuance.

d. A Referral becomes Qualified only when they register a new account from a user's unique link (available on their My Referrals page), then deposit and play at least $20 in USD funds within 30 days of registration.

e. Users can earn Referral Rewards on up ten (10) Qualified Referrals per calendar month.

4. Terms which apply to referrals who signed up prior to July 23, 2020

All existing referral programs, including but not limited to 6 Degrees of Pay and 10+10 Refer-a-Friend have been discontinued, and are no longer active for new or existing referals.