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Replay Rewards Terms & Conditions

Updated July 23, 2020

Cashback Replay Rewards are paid out as FantasyCash (FC). Cashback is based on net losses during each week for contests that started between Monday at 12:00 am ET, and Sunday at 11:59 pm ET. Cashback is awarded after all contests have finalized & paid out, and the results for each week have been verified. This will generally occur on either Monday or Tuesday each week depending on when contests started in the prior week finalize.

Net winnings and losses are calculated by subtracting entry fees in USD from winnings in USD for contests during the applicable time period. Neither entry fees or winnings in FC are included in this calculation. For paid contests that award entries into future contests, such as qualifiers or survivors, the awarded entry is treated as winnings USD when it is won from the initial contest, and entry fees USD when the future contest runs, based on the value of that entry in the future contest.

Any contests that are structured to pay out more than 91% of their total maximum entry fees as total prizes are not eligible for Replay Rewards, and neither entry fees or winnings from those contests are included in net winnings / net losses calculations.

All registered players are eligible for the Cashback Replay Rewards, except in cases where an account has been suspended from FantasyDraft or from participation in the rewards program. Rewards and qualifications are subject to change.